The desire to continuously contribute to the community has made Autostop to launch many initiatives as a corporate social responsibility.  Social responsibility is imperative to function properly at all levels, which includes:

  • Trust in employees
  • Building stable and sustainable relationships with clients
  • Cooperation with the community
  • Respect for the work place and the environment
  • Respect and application of legal regulations
  • Adoption and application of ethical principles in business

As part of the community, we are especially committed to children and young people, wanting to develop with them and create value for a better society. In this sense, support, donations, and cooperation with high schools, colleges, the Center for Social Work, and health institutions are part of the activities by which Autostop implements its socially responsible mission.

Autostop has developed a fairly strong social responsibility policy.  During the last five years, the company has implemented a number of activities for its employees and the community:

  • Operating a Kindergarten for the employees’ children within the company premises 
  • Operating a lounge Café, pool table, gym, and entertainment room for all the employees available after working hours
  • Offering New Year’s gifts for all the employees’ children

With these initiatives, the company monitors and listens to the needs of all employees and undertakes activities in order to make them happen.


In addition to internal social activities, the company participates in the community by:

  • Donating New Year’s presents to the children of the Center for Social Work
  • Donation to children with special needs 
  • Donation to The House of Skills in Leskovac 
  • Donation to The Safehouse in Leskovac
  • Offering reflective vests to cyclists of the city
  • Donation to The School of Textile and Design in Leskovac for the realization of Dual education in which Autostop actively participates.

Innovation and initiatives nurtured by Autostop contribute to strengthening the position of a leader in socially responsible businesses.  Listening to the needs of employees and supporting parenting, becomes an important part of the company’s contribution to population policy.  As a result of that, a kindergarten was opened for the children of the employees. The kindergarten includes:

  • Enough space for playing, beds for resting, a kitchen and bathroom, with a capacity for 90 children.  Trained staff work in two shifts in order to offer parents flexibility and security for their children.