Driven by a never-ending search for the ultimate solution, it is a must for Autostop to work on the further development and innovation of technologies and processing methods. Together with scientific institutes and our customers, the team of Autostop is permanently working on new products, machines and processing technologies, in order to contribute our innovation and creativity to shape the interiors of the future.

Production Processes:

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Carpet Cutting – With multiple state of the art cutting machines the individual shapes are cut out from the base carpet materials.  Minimum manufacturing tolerances guarantee a high material utilization.


Embroidery/Welded Logos – Multiple direct stitch embroidery machines and high-frequency/ultrasonic welding machines are used to apply logos on the floor mats according to the specific customers’ requirements.


Overlocking/Binding/Edging – Numerous overlocking & binding machines from well-known suppliers equipped with the best technology, are operated by highly skilled and experienced staff, guaranteeing a smooth finish to our products.


Fixation Systems/Clips – Special hydraulic machines guarantee a reliable process for attaching the fixation elements to the floor mats with unique security parameters.


Cleaning, Quality Control & Packaging – Fully automated packaging stations complete the production process.  Depending on the customers’ requirements, the floor mats are shipped either in cardboard boxes or reusable metal crates, ensuring a safe transport to their final destination.