Working in the project management of a company that is a market leader in design, development, innovation and production represents a great challenge. Short deadlines in which an offer must be made, a product produced and delivered, decisions made are some of the tasks I face. In order for the project to be successfully implemented, I collaborate with colleagues from other departments on a daily basis, create product prices, feasibility studies and implement operational project controlling. Also, I have the ability to use high-quality data analysis to point out losses and additional costs, thus influencing the success of the company’s operations.

Aleksandar Aleksić, Project Manager

Aleksandar Aleksić
Lidija Đorđević

I have been working at the Autostop company since its opening in Serbia in 2013. At the very beginning, I performed various administrative duties and in the period 2018/2019 I have specialized in the work position head of administration. The administration department provides the company’s employees administrative support, manages their queries and as the head of the department I take care that the documentation is delivered on time and in accordance with the company’s policy, as well as all the set goals. During my decade-long work at Autostop, I faced numerous challenges, which were successfully overcome thanks to teamwork, good organization and responsible management and I am very sure that this will continue in the future.

Lidija Đorđević, Head of Administration

As a quality manager, my main task is to establish and maintain quality management system according to automotive quality standard IATF 16949:2016. Reviewing customer specific requirements and make sure they are met, setting up and maintain controls and documentation procedures, monitoring performance by gathering relevant data, COPQ analyses data, managing of customer issues, are just one parts of tasks related with quality department. Besides that, as a head of quality department, my task is to manage quality team, composed of: QMS Coordinator, quality engineers / coordinators, Incoming chief, quality supervisors. One of the main challenges is to maintain quality management system and this is achieved together with experienced quality team, organizing and performing internal system audits, process audits, 5S audits, VDA 6.3, VDA 6.5, etc.

Nenad Vulić, Quality Manager

Nenad Vulić

As a human resources manager at Autostop Interiors, together with my team I work on the process of recruiting and selecting candidates, organize trainings and train employees, while paying special attention to improving interpersonal relations, respecting employees and improving productivity and efficiency. My role in the Autostop company is also focused on ensuring that the company’s employees achieve their maximum business performance, are satisfied with the working conditions and establish a quality and honest relationship with the employer from the very beginning. I am especially happy that I have the opportunity to organize the work of the kindergarten, which distinguishes our company from other companies in the area, which is certainly extremely important for the people who work here.

Nevena Dimić, Human Recources Manager

My team and I are in charge of ordering materials, tracking orders, organizing transport and controlling the condition of materials in the warehouse. The indispensable task of Purchasing Department is to ensure that all procured items meet the required quality standards and specifications. Working in this position brings a great responsibility, especially in the current business conditions when providing materials for production is a real challenge.

Janko Stojković, Purchase Manager

Janko Stojković
Vanesa Cvetković

As the head of the laboratory, I am responsible for the work of the laboratory, which includes testing the quality of materials (physical, mechanical and chemical properties) according to appropriate standards, verifying the measuring instruments and devices we use, as well as analyzing the characteristics of materials in the development phase. The materials tested are: natural leather, artificial (PVC and PU) leather, carpets, foam, textile and similar materials. I have been in this position for 8 years, namely since the beginning of the laboratory. Working in the laboratory itself is a challenge because we strive to achieve every client’s request, and we succeed in that.

Vanesa Cvetković, Chief of Laboratory

Project management in the development phase of a new product, communication with the customer, participation in the creation of prototypes and other conceptual solutions aimed at improving the functioning of existing products, are just some of the tasks that I have been performing for the last 3 years since I was the head of the Design and Development team. Managing a D&D team comes with a lot of responsibility but also a lot of benefits. The possibility of teamwork in this business is the main advantage in the realization of each project. Common ideas, creativity, persistence are just some of the factors that lead to the achievement of the goal. The variety of requirements makes the team to be always be focused and dedicated to each project with the same attention.

Dušan Tomić, Development Engineer

Dušan Tomić
Biljana Ivanović

Working in this position implies great responsibility focused on the quality control of the product production, packaging and all accompanying elements that are important for the successful placement on the market. In order for the quality control sector to always be at the top of the task, the company organizes training for employees, where we get to know all the product features, which is why we successfully respond to each task.

Biljana Ivanović, Quality Control Leader

I have been working at Autostop Interiors since 2018. I worked in the position of Chemical Engineer in the material testing laboratory, after which I was promoted to the position of Process Engineer in the automotive upholstery production process, where I am now. My job is to design a line for sewing car upholstery with the aim of making work productivity as high as possible. The advantage of the company where I work is a great opportunity for advancement and improvement, especially for young people without work experience, and it also allows the knowledge acquired at the university to be upgraded and practically applied. I believe that the basis for good and productive work is a positive working environment and people’s openness to cooperation at all levels.

Filip Vučković, Process Engineer

Filip Vučković
Aleksandar Milošević

I started my work in the company as a logistics administrator, which I performed for a year, after which I was promoted to logistics manager. Tasks I perform on a daily basis are the delivery of goods. The goal is to deliver the product to the customer in accordance with all the rules. It is important that the product itself is delivered in the correct quantity, adequately packaged, delivered on time and without damage. Working in a team is great because the communication we maintain is the main factor that keeps the entire process to go without major deviations.

Aleksandar Milošević, Logistics Manager

As a production manager I am responsible for the artificial leather production process. I manage and coordinate work processes, analyze work results and improve production productivity, monitor economic effects and quality and quantity control. I plan production on a weekly and monthly basis. My team and I face new challenges every day that we successfully solve.

Miodrag Čičić, Production Manager 

Miodrag Čičić