The main goal of Autostop as a leader in the design, development and production of interior parts is to offer a wide range of products across multiple industries.  It uses a combination of leather, synthetic leather (PU, PVC, etc.), textiles, foams, Alcantara®, and carpet on the final products.  Each industry and customer are unique with their own specifications and requirements and Autostop is able to adapt easily and be able to provide products for each of them.


Autostop Interiors focus on all vehicle interior parts, such as seat covers, door panels, armrests, dash boards, steering wheels, and other IP products using a wide range of materials and colours. With the production capabilities of cutting, sewing, perforation, lamination, installation and testing internally, Autostop can offer a complete solution with a vertical integration structure for all its customers.

Floor Mats

Autostop Floormats is one of the leading manufacturers of car mats in Europe that has to offer a wide range of colours, edging trims and stylish designs that can meet any bespoke requirements.  Each car mat’s fine design ensures the longevity of the car interior by providing maximum protection against all matters of wear and tear.  Exceedingly skilled and experienced people are producing first-class quality floor mats using state-of-the-art equipment and machinery.


Autostop Aviation brings automotive standards to aviation.  From a new class of materials that brings transformation to the aircraft design to seating components, the company offers a broad portfolio of products. The new ideas and innovations the team offers can help our customers convert challenges into solutions.  The company aims to maintain the highest standards of compliance and transparency in business practices, aligning the company’s growth and innovation with the needs of the customer.


Autostop Materials’ product range includes PVC, PU, Nubuck, Bio & Renewable, foams and other materials. The company produces materials for multiple industries, such as automotive, aviation, transportation, furniture and medical.  The company is committed to produce materials of high quality and strict specifications, while the research and design team is dedicated to offering innovative, eco-friendly, and high-performance coated fabrics.