Laboratory, chemistry and science concept. Science team writing on glass chemistry formula  in a laboratory.

Materials Research and Development laboratories are committed to the philosophy of understanding the needs of the customer and offering innovative and sustainable solutions and ideas.

  • The team is continuously looking for ways of product improvement by following strict standards and requirements.
  • Coated fabrics like PVC, Polyurethane leather, Alcantara like, Suede and Silicone leather are developed and can be additionally boosted with extra properties such as flame retardancy, easy-clean protection, microbial protection and special soft-touch finishes.
  • Additional specifications can be grease and oil, jeans, IR, UV, salt and chlorine, water resistance and many others.

Autostop Interiors laboratories are fully equipped with specialized staff and experts and machinery that can support the Research, Design and Development of any kind of coated fabrics application.

Certified according to IATF standards, the team follows a specialized quality assurance, safe conditions and control system that guarantees the performance and safety of the developed materials. From the expertise and science of the laboratory, materials are scaled-up to a state of the art production process, which leads to high quality, innovative and custom made product.