Designer working with fabric

Autostop Interiors offers a wide variety of synthetic leather materials, for any possible application.

Automotive Industry – seat covers, dashboards, panels, steering wheels, consoles, sun visors, carpets, accessories

Transportation Industry – aviation, railway, bus seat covers

Marine – IMO certified synthetic leather for boats and yachts

Truck and motorbike saddles

Furniture Industry -Phthalate-free, Indoor fashionable and innovative grains and colors

Medical – antimicrobial synthetic leather, resistant to blood, urine and cleaning agents

Bags and shoes synthetic leather – highly abrasion resistant and inspiring grains and finishes

Clothes and Raincoats

Contract – Offices, theaters, cinema synthetic leather

Industrial materials – antistatic, flame retardant, abrasion resistant, grease and oil resistant

Outdoor materials – UV, humidity and weathering resistant

leather with dark of art.
Layers of black and white leather samples
Stingray leather exotic hide in five colors